The System for AtmospheriC Research and Analysis


What’s SACRA

The System for AtmospheriC Research and Analysis (named ” SACRA”) is the integrated weather numeric calculation system, which conducts numerical prediction model, acquisition and delivery of input-output data and analysis of various data. We’ve performed development and operation of all processes including administration of every server in-house .Any servers related to the operation is located in the data center where is full of power source management and air conditioning environment, so this system has the capacity to resist a disaster.

Numerical prediction model

In SACRA, the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model, which has been developed in the research institution of USA, is installed. The WRF model is so smart and manageable as to be used in a variety of fields in recent years. We built the numerical prediction model, which can be customized in accordance with different uses (various scales of time, space etc.). The model run is stable every day.

Operational management

SACRA has the system to get the numerical forecast model and observation data from outside such as Japan Meteorological Agency. We manage all the servers of SACRA with real-time monitoring system. It automatically supervises operation state of servers or security. Besides, engineers also monitor all the time.


SACRA also includes the system to create the dataset such as various kinds of guidance (weather data calculated from output value of numerical prediction) or forecast products (the data calculated by analysis such as index information). In this system, we decode and analyze the WRF model data and the data delivered from outside, say the Japan Meteorological Agency (the form of GRIB, GRIB2, BUFR and so on). We also create many kinds of weather maps.

Data management

The meteorological data has such a large capacity that it’s called “big data”. Because we sometimes need to analyze previous data, the file server to serve SACRA’s data must have enough volume and strong fault resistance. And, needless to say, we construct redundant file server and never lose data.


SACRA has the system to deliver the meteorological data to a variety of targets (our weather forecasters, customers’ server, our server with authentication function, etc.). Depending on necessity, the dataset is converted to some format, or we set any condition according to each use. Moreover we have the system to send data by E-mail.